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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

03/26/09 3:23 Am Est

sequels are the hardest part.

In case you guys didn't know, blogspot has an automatic translation feature. Apparently, I managed to activate said feature, which is why my last post was in Hindi. If you can't read Hindi (like me), don't worry, that last post says "hey, I'm posting again, and for some reason my posts are being translated into Hindi."

so, it has been a month since it's been official. Man, does it seem like a long time ago that that happened. I have to admit that I don't feel that I have much to update about, but, at the same point in time, this website isn't part of my life that I'm ready to close the door on, and, let's face it: if I go another year between posts, that will just what has happened.

at present I am sitting in a questionably upholstered armchair that is in a (fairly large) hotel room in Florida. Thanks to the quick use of a multi-tool, I was able to open my window, and, ac off, am enjoying the soft, serene jacksonville nighttime, complete with the soothing burble of water from the pool below. we have just under a week here, and then it's a two week layoff, during which I will inevitably head to minneapolis to see Kate.

Kate's great, by the way. Which is to say, by extension, that Kate and I are great, at least doing well, at any rate. She came to Durham (don't ever get a cab in durham if you can avoid it), where Nick and Daria got to meet her, so any future questions can be addressed to them, 'cause they're not busy or anything. Nick even asked me personally to mention that fact on this website, he offered to field the next chapter about our life, even went so far as to suggest starting a facebook application to track our relationship. Now, Nick, while I appreciate your dedication, you really need to get out more, get a hobby or something, I mean, Kate likes to bake, maybe that would work for you. but, c'mon, man!

Anyway. anyway. ANYWAY! umm, yeah. I could go into the tribulations of life as a touring stagehand, but really the details aren't that interesting, just the normal stuff that changes from venue to venue, and the rf twostep that accompanies said arrival in each new town. I mean, it's not that direct or easy by any means, but I can wax introspectice quite easily from a post-load in distance. also, it's like 3 am right now, and I'm pretty damn tired, so I think i'll just call it at this. bye for now.

सेकुएल्स रेअल्ली अरे थे अदेदेस्त.

सो, फॉर सम रासों, माय ब्लॉग कीप्स ट्रांस्लातिंग माय पोस्ट्स इन्तो थाई। इ दोन'टी कणोंव वही, बुत आईटी इस वैरी कांफुसिंग। इ प्लान तो फिक्स थिस अस सून अस इ कैन फिगुरे आउट वही आईटी इस हप्पेनिंग इन थे फर्स्ट प्लेस।

Monday, March 9, 2009

What the hell did I manage to do right?

03/09/2009 3:45 am est

It has been a year (and, due to the time) one day since my last post.
I walked away from this site until I felt I had something to say, or at least an actual reason to say something. You see, 8 years and 5 months ago I started this little experiment as a last-ditch attempt to keep myself sane. I'd been split up with chelsea for around six months, and I was going out of my skull, literally tearing myself to shreds trying to get a grip, any grip, on life. It was a weird time, and I did some pretty weird things, pretty much always by choice. Now, I'm not going to say that the life of my site up to this point has been indicative of some sort of unceasing drought. Nothing of the sort, as in all that time I've been in love, and out of love so many times that the data could be plotted and subsequently used to drive a random number generator. I've had jobs, been broke, made A's and F's been skinny and fat, happy, depressed, all of that. I do think that I sat on my ass in Chattanooga for a bit too long, but thinking that makes me wonder how much of my current life would be different if any of my past life was.

I can, in all certainty tell you this: I wouldn't trade any of it, not one single fucking second, for the way my life is going right now. Call me old-fashioned, Call me repetitive, Call me uncreative, but, yes. For the billionth time, Rhys is going to make a post about a girl.

For those of you who don't already know, Her name is Kate Larson. She was maid of honor for Claire's wedding, Which is the first time I met her. I have to admit that at first I was rather intimidated by her, as Kate has an intensity about her person that is hard to ignore. It wasn't until the next day that I got to experience the sheer, unbridled Verve that emanates from this woman. You know how some people describe pivotal moments from their life in crisp, stunning clarity? I can't do that with this one; It just revolves around this one point- Kate. I was in a bar, some bar in St. Paul. I was sitting at a bar that may have been marble, could have been bronze or black or brown or gold; I don't know, or care. It started out as any post-reception party would, with people talking, having a couple of drinks, and relaxing. However, as the night wore on, I couldn't help but notice this girl, who, well, fuck, I don't know, but, just, Fuck... I mean, shit man, holy shit... I couldn't believe how alive she was, the passion that ebbed from her, like this ethereal vapor, just because she was a bit amped up from the wedding and talking about something she loved. you guys have seen how I act around girls that I'm interested in; how I hem and haw about everything and usually let inaction rule the day, only to pine about it for months afterwards, vowing never to do such a thing again?
Well, with Kate I just couldn't. It's not like I wasn't sure, or thought I had a chance; there was just no "no" option. I had to talk to her, I couldn't not. I made some stupid question about what dirt was called, and promptly got an appropriately embarrassing response. It didn't matter, this wasn't a choice thing. I just, I dunno. i can't describe it, but I knew that I could never live with myself if I didn't do something, anything, to get this woman's attention turned my way.
So I did, finally, and the brief conversation that followed rang in my head for the following two weeks, until a well polished and much-consulted (yet still completely transparent) facebook message started the ball rolling. I'm happy to say that it has continued to roll, and grow, until, like some spasmodically-controlled Katamari of love*, we have found ourselves here.

And that's the thing of it, guys, is that it's a we now, at least about this, because I'm talking about a relationship, OUR relationship. It's been such a long time coming that I'd stopped wondering if or when, and had just quit worrying about it. I'm glad to know that I still know how, and that for any of the parts I've forgotten, I've got Kate to teach me. This has just been the most amazing time, Simply incredible. That's it for now.

(*yes, I really just said that. Will I regret that metaphor? quite probably. Do I give a damn right now? Not really, I'm smiling in spite of myself.)

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