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Sunday, June 28, 2009

06/28/09 2:57 PM CST

Hit it.

Last day in Chicago. 8:00 Am finds me Leaving the tiny, un-airconditioned, mouse shit-infested hotel room (Don't stay at DeWitt Place. Ever.), for a threepeat of flights down to Knoxville. Soon you shall find me in the land of sweet tea, sweat bees, and betty's. "Looking forward to it" could most certainly be considered an understatement.

That's not to say the tour is going badly, for it isn't. We're just ready for a bit of respite is all. The past two weeks has found me front of house learning the show, to the point where Deniz is only mixing about 15 minutes of act I. There will be quite a few more weeks of mixing for me to get out of "survival mode" and learn the rest of the dynamics before the entire show will be under my command. Maybe by the end of L.A, we shall see. Chicago has been fun though, It was nice to catch up with Jess and Casey. We drank our weight in red wine and had a good time of it, even if my spaghetti turned out lousy (The generic tomato sauce and old, crappy marjoram are to blame for this, as is my failure to detect these facts before the sauce was spiced and cooking.) After Load out Mike and Brenda are stopping by for the final hurrah before a couple hours of shitty sleep on a shitty couch and 8 hours of travel fun at the aforementioned airports. It would be just as quick to drive, and almost certainly more enjoyable, but there is a general dearth of cars, and plane tickets are in hand, so that's that.

Of note, Worcestershite sauce is also called "Salsa Inglesa", should you be looking for it in a Latin supermarket. Most of them have it, so keep your mind set to spanish and that ceasar salad shan't be wanting for flavor any time soon.

Monday night proper is my first availability, let's all do something memorable together, shall we?

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